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My client a small company health in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia paper, napkins equipment delivered successfully

[ Time:2012-02-21 Click:1144 ]

     Was removed after 10 days of transport, customs clearance, commodity inspection. My company supply Ulan Bator, Mongolia 787 toilet paper, napkins equipment successfully delivered, the customer plant.

Loading from client contact to delivery, leading an active interest in the company, tried for the customer. As much as possible to provide a more detailed professional services, equipment, issued in the paper, while actively arrange timely technical service personnel depart. Ensure that equipment to the customer hand and hand to the customer service staff.

Adjust the focus, worry about customer needs. With the arrival of our technical staff, through the tight construction, and soon, our paper-making equipment will begin to create benefits for customers and win customers' satisfaction.

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