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Our country at present paper presents three characteristics

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Our country at present paper presents three characteristics

Paper industry and national economy development and social civilization are closely related, has become China's national economy has the characteristic of circular economy important basis of raw materials industry and the new economic growth point. Since 2007, our country paper industry into the overall surplus period, supply gap disappeared, increasingly fierce competition in the industry, this marks a paper making industry in China from growth gradually entered the to maturity.

So far, our country present paper three characteristics: a product structure is optimized, high-grade paper and paperboard, especially newsprint, coating printing paper, white cardboard, life such as paper supply capacity increases, solve the high-grade paper and paperboard shortage, the contradiction between supply and demand of; Individual species such as newspapers, the whole of the glossy paper production technical equipment level and the quality of products reach the advanced world level. 2 it is regional cluster characteristics significantly, with paper making materials policy adjustment and regional economic structure adjustment, the papermaking industry overall present adjustment from north to south, has been formed in the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta and link bohai sea three industrial clusters. Current capacity growth to the east in central and present of the transfer of the trend, and coastal area south of the Yangtze river popular. Three of the industrial concentration is improved, more powerful enterprise in the national scope of provinces, cross area cross-cultural merger integration, promote the papermaking enterprises to collectivization, characteristic, diversified development direction, optimize the structure of papermaking industry organization.

In addition, the papermaking industry pollution control achieved remarkable results, and resource consumption greatly reduced; As laws, regulations, policies, and the standard is increasingly perfect, our country the paper industry development environment to optimize and improve significantly.

But, our country industry also has some problems, which lies in the enterprise scale still slants small, industrial concentration is low; Raw material resource constraints, external dependence higher.

Consolidation in the industry

Will present stage new features

With China's paper industry into the buyer's market and product homogeneity competition becomes increasingly fierce, can see the future of competition between enterprises will be more around the raw material resources, production scale, market and talents on elements. It also cause industry present a phased integration of new features.

One is to contribute to the industrial chain through mergers and perfect configuration. Waste paper, wood pulp, the reed and so is the main raw material production paper, low cost access to raw materials resources papermaking enterprises improve competitiveness is the important guarantee. Therefore, m&a party to pay more attention to the target enterprise enterprise have control over material resources, so as to ensure their own through mergers of the ingredients needed for low cost and stable supply.

The typical case is the China investment corporation paper to $2.5 billion cash add endowment restructuring hunan Thai green paper group. China's paper involved in paper industry is late, main business focus on restructuring before white paper board, special paper production and sales, and in the upstream of the industrial chain link is still blank forest pulp. Hunan Thai green paper group (hereinafter referred to as \"tiger group\") in the industry, the asset scale, development potential etc has its own advantages and characteristics, especially with rich forest land resource reserves and more sufficient ZiGong pulp ability. China's paper add endowment restructuring tiger group, aims to realize fast in slurry Lin upstream resources breakthroughs, for further development at home and abroad for a good foundation plasma resources, to ensure that the company achieve long-term sustainable development.

2 it is committed to perfect the market through mergers and strategic layout. Paper industry material flow rate, raw materials, chemical materials involving, finished goods and other commodities of logistics and transport, so the papermaking enterprises in preference to raw material or close to the target market location for strategic layout. Therefore, rapid perfect local strategic market layout is enterprise implementation of m&a another important reason.

The typical case is huatai group with 1 yuan acquisition northrop g hebei factory 100% equity stake. From the sales market look, the target enterprise is located in hebei, with close to the beijing-tianjin, radiation in the Midwest location advantage, but the market has not open, even in the local hebei market share only 10%. Huatai group through this restructuring effective improve the national strategic layout, restructuring in tianjin area after and northwest area of the market will be main from hebei factory supply, can dramatically reduce the transportation cost.

From the raw material transportation to see, northrop g mainly in the original waste and the waste and waste, as main raw materials, transportation costs more. However, the beijing-tianjin region of domestic waste paper takeover market the most mature, the largest amount, therefore, reorganization, China peaceful on the waste paper consumption structure make reasonable adjustment, reduce logistics cost raw materials.

Three is merger and reorganization of diversity. Previous mergers is more strong and the weak, more for holding acquisition, emphasize \"control\". Along with the further consolidation process, and subsequent acquisition will give priority to more powerful combination, for equity, way of joint venture, embodied in the competition and cooperation coexistence, especially in foreign capital in acquisition more common.

The typical case of Japan's paper to hk $3.55 billion acquisition Richard wen paper holding held by the shareholders Richard wen paper 12% equity stake. The cooperation of both sides before, Japan and China business without making paper, the two companies are bullish on the Chinese paper consumption market fast growth, and I hope that through the \"win-win team to develop the Chinese market. And, the cooperation of the both parties can greatly reduce product development time, do technical instant transfer. The equity transfer, Richard wen paper and Japan make paper conclude the business cooperation agreement, confirm the interest jointly seek the cooperation opportunity.

Similar case and the United States international paper and the sun paper set up a joint venture company, develop the wrapping paper business. This kind of practice is worth many domestic enterprises using for reference. In the race for global resources, our enterprise can completely to equity, cooperation forms, such as the value of resources growth \"participant\" and \"distributors,\" and do not have to do \"masters\", this also can greatly reduce domestic enterprise \"going out\" the difficulty and risk.

Sources: for the people's political consultative conference

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