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How many types of circular nets paper machine

[ Time:2012-04-18 Click:1211 ]

       Circular nets paper machine type,is to differentiate according to the number of round nets set .There is a round net called single net,there are two round nets called double nets,three or more than three circular nets called much nets.And because of the dryer number of dry department is different,there is a dryer,two dryer,and also have many dryers,so circular nets paper machine has single nets single cylinder, double nets urn, much more cylinder type of network.

       Common single nets single cylinder paper machine making cap paper, envelopes paper, thin pages, such as wrapping paper with thin paper on a single light.Double nets urn paper machine are making medium quantitative presswork paper, paper to write on paper, paper bag, wrapping paper and corrugated base paper, etc.making quantitative high cardboard, such as single white paper, ticket paper, tea paperboard, grass paperboard, linoleum base paper to wait, all with nets muti-cylinder all use more nets muti-cylinder making paper machine.

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