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The advanced nature of foreign paper equipment

[ Time:2012-04-18 Click:1113 ]

Advanced technology, the production of fine, good performance, running fast。Reflected in mechanical, electronic control and the technology which on the matching,make it big wide, high speed, muti-functional and a certain degree of energy conservation and emission reduction;Realize the operation, big, fast, and good (also not good "save").We, therefore, the domestic papermaking enterprises for many years has been large imports of paper making equipment,improve the productivity,made of paper industry——We have been in the production of high quality of paper, and satisfy the domestic and international demand.

With cultural paper machine as an example,Foreign representative structure of papermaking equipment is:the sizing system which have the degassing function of pulp,using dilute water adjust the flow banners quantitative pulp box,rapid dehydration of forming good clip nets department,Equipped with boots type squeezing、no open areas and makes the paper stable muti-cylinder dry department,membrane measurement transfer glue coating machine,the calender which can control high rollers,recoiling machine which center of combining the surface drive take-up,the whole DCS control system,high accuracy of variable frequency speed rotation system,machine disease and paper disease on-line detection alarm system .Features: large and complex a pile of steel, a high degree of automation, width big, fast speed and good quality of product.

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