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Paper industry 12th five planing

[ Time:2012-10-27 Click:1331 ]

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry,The State Forestry Administration officially released on January 9, 2012,Paper industry the development of the "12th Five-Year" Plan.Reviewing the achievements and problems of the development of the paper industry during the "11th Five-Year",And develop the achievements and problems of the "12th Five-Year" during the development of the industry,The main tasks and policy measures,Including seven big task, the three key, engineering and ten policy measures, etc ,Compared to 2007, the planning targets more strict and refinement.Spell out:"total amount control, promote the concentration, optimization of raw materials, energy conservation and emission reduction "general strategy ,The effective implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan will enable leading enterprises in long-term gains.  

Although shengtai in domestic papermaking machinery industry, or reputation not classicsand commentaries little brother ,Although shengtai papermaking machinery with the international and domestic industry colleagues, there is still a gap, but, as long as there is the good faith management,Paper machinery industry colleagues support, coupled with the unity and progress of employees across the company,It is believed that, in the near future,The Shengtai will paper machinery industry has its own wider world. 


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