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Qinyang is expected to become Chinese papermaking equipment bases

[ Time:2012-11-02 Click:1206 ]

On October 20, by the China light industry federation、China light industry machinery association assessment team composed of tissue paper, machinery, industrial, economic and other professionals,Qinyang City Chinese papermaking equipment base, "the title of the application site assessment,and to form a consensus.

 The assessment group through discussion、Site visits、Listening to the reports、access to information and other forms ,City papermaking equipment industry cluster development situation and “Chinese papermaking equipment bases‘’ to create work assessment review.Assessment team think,Qinyang City Paper Machinery industry started early、group big,Highlight  the advantages of industrial clusters,In quantity 、Area density  and ability to form a complete set are occupies the national front row ; The local economy pulling ability is very capable,Obvious role of regional pillar.At present,The city's 13 villages and towns street in the twelve distribution have related industry , Employment of 40,000,and driven by the rapid development of transportation, coal, paper products and other industries.A variety of new products in the toilet paper making machine related enterprise has developed China's first speed of 600 m,The frequency furnace dryer production line to build the nation's largest electric and loaded into a workshop,and actively and metso, voith, rivers and other international well-known domestic enterprises to discuss cooperation ,Continuously improve the level of industry.Chongyi light industry, Shengtai paper machinery and so on papermaking equipment leading enterprise in different degree of the papermaking equipment industry development has made great contributions ,has a certain influence.The government attaches great importance to industrial development, has set up a leading group of papermaking equipment and paper machinery industry development and industry associations,Developed Qinyang City Paper and paper equipment industry development strategy plan (2009 to 2020) "and so on.

Comprehensive above circumstance ,The assessment team recommends awarded the title of, Chinese papermaking equipment base · Qinyang ', to Qinyang City, and hope that the city should give full play to the advantage of this cluster, the role of industry associations, guide enterprises to strengthen the independent innovation and specialized cooperation division of labor , enhance the level of industrial development, and the achievement of sustainable development.

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