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The Middle East and other developing countries to China paper machine needs continuous increasing

[ Time:2012-11-15 Click:1027 ]

Because the international market in recent years in domestic papermaking machinery products demand is growing , Domestic papermaking machinery industry has become the main force of the world's paper industry. Whether domestic paper machine the quality of the products, packing, delivery term or extended process of production as well as paper machine product research and development and so on make international personage nod gasp in admiration .

 Today, the Middle East and other regions of the demand for paper machine at an annual rate of more than ten per cent of the continued increments, Paper machine for the domestic industry to the Middle East to enter the market.

In the global industrial pollution under the premise of the increasingly serious , The domestic paper machinery industry is also actively paper machine products and environmental protection, energy resources, and human environment effectively combine.

 The huge market and the center position of gravitational attracted some papermaking machinery multinational company production center to move to China .

At the same time the market purchase also gradually convergent China, Only in the Middle East, Africa and other developing countries now demand for paper machine with an annual rate of more than ten per cent in continuous increments.

This will domestic papermaking machinery strong advance in the Middle East to provide a strong market basis, its move into the Middle East will be just around the corner.

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