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Singapore apply for paper labels should have prevent forest fire measures

[ Time:2017-03-18 Click:1238 ]

The Singapore Environment Council has recently launched an "upgraded" green label and strengthened the existing guidelines to require papermaking companies applying for labeling to develop peatland management and forest fire prevention measures.

Singapore Environmental Council Chairman Luo Huijiao said that consumers have begun to consciously resist the harm to people's health and the environment of the product, this environmentally friendly consumer awareness, depends on reliable and trustworthy environmental labeling program. She said that the board has fully evaluated the certification criteria for pulp and paper products, and that the new green label certification is one of the most stringent standards in the world.

In October 2015, during the Indonesian forest fire haze, Indonesia's Asian pulp and paper company was certified by the Singapore Environmental Council for its green label certification due to unknown material supply. Singapore, the total price of co-operatives and other large supermarkets after the sale of APP products.

The new guidelines require applicants to fully disclose details of the supply chain, including planting, pulp, paper mills, resellers and retail companies. Applicants must also confirm that the wood and fiber sources are legal and use recycled fibers as far as possible. Environmental Officers will also audit certified companies every year to ensure that they meet the standards.

The newly designed green label has been added to the English language of the Singapore Environment Council. The new green label is changed from annual update to every 3 years. The application fee is S $ 4,600. There are about 20 companies in more than 30 products received the old green label certification, if these certification expires on June 30 this year, will be updated in accordance with existing guidelines certification, the Council is expected to be completed by July 1, 2018 Old green label.

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