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How to use hydraulic pulper?

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Hydraulic shredder, also known as hydraulic pulper, is the main processing equipment to deal with pulp, demage paper and waste paper. Hydraulic shredders can be vertical and horizontal, or divided into single turntable, double turntable and multi-turntable.

The main part of the hydraulic pulper is the turntable and trough. In the vertical hydraulic pulper, the turntable is located in the central part of the bottom of the disc, the disk is equipped with a number of impeller (or blade), surrounded by the disk is equipped with a number of blades fixed plate. The turntable is driven by the motor mounted on the lower side of the rotary shaft, and the sieve plate with the perforated plate near the bottom of the turntable is connected with the whisker. While the horizontal hydraulic shredders of the turntable, fixed plate and sieve plate are located in the side of the tank.

The working principle of the hydraulic shredder: due to the rotation of the turntable, the broken pulp, paper and waste paper by the turntable produced by the centrifugal force, so that the pulp board and the blade collision, was thrown to the edge of the tank to form a level Vortex. And then along the edge of the rise, and then back to the turntable, and then in the center of the tank to form a negative pressure area, this cycle and the formation of vertical vortex, so that the slurry back and forth with the blade contact, continue to be broken solution.

At the same time, and because of the turntable thrown out of the slurry flow, the line speed gradually slow down the formation of the speed difference, so that the slurry between the production of a friction, and further make the slurry play a broken effect.

It has been proved that the hydraulic shredder has the following significant advantages:

1. it only can clear,haven’t the cut function;

2. High production efficiency, short time to ease, low power consumption;

3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, small footprint;

4. Easy to operate, the scope of application, can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp; can achieve continuous and automated operation.

Its shortcomings are the slurry with more small piece of paper after broke, affecting the pulp quality.

Factors that affect the effectiveness of hydraulic shredders:

1) the effect of temperature

After the temperature is raised, the waste paper is softened, the slurry is easy to absorb moisture and break, especially those that are heavily colored or paper containing ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp decreases due to the increase of the temperature, and has good fluidity, thereby promoting the circulation of the pulp and improving the breaking effect.

2) the effect of concentration

It is advantageous to increase the breaking concentration in order to ensure a good slurry circulation. It is known from the experiment that the concentration is linearly related to the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit yield decreases with the increase of the concentration, but has little effect on the dissolution effect and the dissolution time.

3) the effect of breaking the time

Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective scrambling interval, which exceeds the interval, and the improvement of the decay rate is very small; it is uneconomical to attempt to prolong the time to improve the crushing effect. Therefore, it is necessary to control the breaking time so that it operates within an effective time range.

4) the effect of raw materials nature

Due to the treatment of a variety of slurry water swelling capacity and fiber binding capacity is different, the decomposition effect is different. Different pulp, in the same time the dissolution rate is different.


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