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Prospects for the paper industry

[ Time:2011-09-20 Click:1232 ]

Paper industry has become the third largest industry after the telecommunications, automotive industry in the world, and has crossed the steel, aerospace industries. Waste paper has a wide range of resource(From "International Paper"). In 1999 China produced 29.61 million tons of paper. The actual consumption is 34 million tons (the difference between imported) and the  waste paper is 11.22 million tons, 33% of total consumption. In 2000 the actual consumption of paper capacity is 4,000 tons of waste paper, about 136 million tons, or 12 million average recovery of 11.33 kg per person per year of waste paper, and if your region has 50 million people per year have been 11.33 kg of waste paper recycling resources from × 50 million = 5.65 million kilograms, combined 5650 tons of waste paper.

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