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Paper machine of sources and uses

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   The united paper papermaking equipment is mainly composed of the net, squeezing and drying the Ministry of composition. The part of net has two kinds the rotary net and  long one .Parts of machines equipped with some mechanical calendars can improve the paper's smoothness and tightness. There are many types of paper machine, such as the manufacture of paper, single-sided light dryer machine (also known as Yankee-type machine), dryer paper machine creating long nets, thin page machine making typing paper and cigarette paper, cardboard machine manufacturing cardboard. 
   We refer to a variety of copy paper and paperboard making machinery. paper machines consist of dry and wet paper machine, generally the wet paper machine.By the structure of the forming there are fourdrinier machine, rotary paper machine and paper machine network folder categories. Often their production capacity, paper types, size, speed and dry forms of the Department to express its technical characteristics. As long network of multi-cylinder paper machine, rotary cylinder paper machine, newsprint paper machine, paper machine culture paper, cardboard, paper-making machines. Paper machine is a complex linkage huge machines, including streaming delivery, forming, pressing, drying, vacuum, white water and fiber recycling, water for steam, hot air and heat recovery, air, lubrication and transmission systems. Part of the paper machine is also equipped with embossed, wrinkles, sizing, coating, calendering, slitting and other institutions. Because different types of copy paper made all kinds of paper machine configuration is not exactly the same.
   In paper industry machines for copy paper sheets are mainly consisted of the headbox, wire section, press section, dryer section, calendar Ministry, the Ministry of roll form. There are many types, there are rotary paper machine, Fourdrinier machine, manufacture single-sided glossy paper dryer machine and network with two network folders and other paper machine

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