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Industrial conveyor belt for paper machine

Industrial conveyor belt for paper machine

Product description

It is used for paper production line,construction sites,mines,factories,warehouses,mining plants stations,terminals and other workplaces to transshipment or accumulation of a variety of scattered and fragmentary bulk materials such as waste paper,straw,gravel,ores,coal,and grains and so on. The conveyor belt is equipped with road wheels,which can move in the workplace,and the height can be adjusted within the specified height.Easy operation and high efficiency.

The conveyor belt is equipped with road wheels,which can move in the workplace,and the height can be adjusted within the specified height.Easy operation and high efficiency.

Technical parameters 


Belt width



Belt speed


Conveyor capacity


Elevate height(m) Touch roll form Road wheel structure Gross weight(kg)
GR5051 500 5 1.6 145 1.6 Groove shape Veer 518
GR5071 7 1.6 604
GR50101 10 1.71 892
GR50151 15 1.6 1225
GR6551 650 5 265 1.5 585
GR6571 7 1.5 686
GR65101 10 1.8 1010
GR65151 15 1.85 1399

Conveyor belt show

conveyor belt.jpg

conveyor belt1.jpg

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Company information

Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments.The main items as below:high speed Toilet paper machine,Napkin paper machine,Culture paper machine,Industrial packaging paper machine,Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales,we have owned one excellent R&D department,as well as the good pre-sale service,after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system.Our products has been sold in the most of the China,as well as the foreign country,such as,Vietnam,Mongolia,West Africa,South Africa,Brazil,Uzbekistan,etc.Any questions,please feel free to contact us!

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