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                        Our company consists of professional paper-making machinery installation departments, brought together more than 50 high-class paper machines, pulping equipment, and paper technology professionals, can provide customers with professional equipment, paper machinery, pulping equipment installation and commissioning.

        Customers early in the plant, you can start to provide for, factory planning, shop floor planning and other related graphic, three-dimensional drawings. Help clients implement high-quality, professional plant program. Avoid the construction process, no waste of resources caused by planned plant.

            In the paper machine during the installation process, our professional staff will provide full on-site technical services to solve papermaking equipment, pulp and equipment installation experience any technical problems, and ensure strict implementation of installation of equipment issued by the Ministry of Light Industry made paper installation specifications. Positive response from the company headquarters 24 hours, providing a full range of support services.

              In our technical staff in equipment installation, commissioning and production of products, will be the case for customer technical strength, scientific and rational development of training programs. The customer's employees to the fastest paper machine proficiency. As soon as possible create benefits for enterprises.

            My company has established a perfect after-sale protection system, customers pay a return visit on a regular basis. If the customer in the production of technical problems encountered in the process can call us 24 hours a day, my company professional and technical personnel, will be provided according to customer issues, to develop a scientific and rational solutions. If required, our technical staff can go to the scene to solve customer problems. Colleagues in the industry are also welcome to call our company, communication paper technology, pulping technology. Learn from each other and improve together.

              Let integrity accompany every contact!

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