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The paper garbage encounter environmental protection equipment this natural enemies

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.There are many environmental protection equipment that can be used raw,For example: river sand, lime, cement, fly ash, stone and other raw materials,Paper discarded fly ash in the production process, the powder can be used as a raw material for its production,Promote the strategy of sustainable development in our country ,Really do speak social production and social environment combining the goal, The formation of a new economic growth point,Provide a new impetus for the development of the market, Improve the domestic production level ,Improve the quality of the environment, stimulating the domestic demand of the environmental  market.                                                                                                                                                                                                     How to save money in the wall material quality guarantee? Increase building function, Improve the construction quality of the development of new wall materials, The primary task of the wall material reform, also is one of our basic state policy . Now the country's construction energy conservation policy requires that all new or renovation project must have heat preservation , So environmental protection market is very great . At the same time, now building insulation must also to solve fire problem ,Heat preservation industry will face a shuffle , If we can catch every opportunity, environmental protection equipment industry will get good investment opportunities effect .   

   The paper development to promote the progress of the marketBut the attendant is a large amount of solid waste generation ,  These wastes will not only take up a lot of land, there are likely to form dust pollution endangering social environmentHow to deal with the work of the rubbish? Discarded ignore or think of a way to do the recycling? Of course, is to do the recycling work .

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