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Henan QinYang papermaking machinery sales the one third of the world

[ Time:2012-11-10 Click:1307 ]

In Russia, Laos and other countries of the papermaking machinery distributors where there is an open secret : The papermaking machinery with Chinese Henan Qinyang manufacturing to the magic weapon to win the competition.

September 20, A merchants specializing in Southeast Asian markets such evaluation to us:"QinYang papermaking machinery first-class price really amazing."

The same day, we learned from Qinyang City, China light industry machinery association officially named the city as "the papermaking machinery of the township", Which also the Qinyang become the country's first city for such title.

The latest statistics show that from the National papermaking machinery industry, The Qinyang papermaking machinery and accessories total output has accounted for one-third of the national market, With annual sales exceeding 1 billion ,Not only realize exports, and become and Shanghai, liaoning, shandong eponymous domestic four papermaking equipment production bases , Is the country's largest, most models of papermaking machinery and accessories trading center, Even the dryer areas of the nation's first industry standard was born in Qinyang.

 "Like a Wenzhou man-made lighters as made paper machine ." Qinyang person said they papermaking machinery industry, the rise of the secret. Specific tell is ,  As a leader of the whole enterprise, supporting enterprises doing fine and their spare parts products done through market, Formation alternative advantage at the same time, get the price advantage .

 "The distribution of paper machinery enterprises produced the same all over the country compared, Qinyang papermaking machinery production enterprise is the only industry is highly concentrated group. " From the Provincial Association of Paper Industry experts commentedDue to the formation of industrial agglomeration and complete industrial chain, Qinyang paper machinery industry has been included in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province planning, become the province one of eight key industrial clusters.

 About a QinYang papermaking machinery map should be so described : Qinyang only a population of over 40 million, a total area of ??only 600 square kilometers of territory,There were over 200 papermaking machinery manufacturing enterprises, more than 20000 people are employed. The most striking: in just more than 10 kilometers long the Qinfu 25 square kilometers along the road, there are more than 130 enterprises production of paper-making machinery and accessories.

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