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Outer rotor flow pressure screen device characteristics

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Outer rotor flow pressure screen work, Outer rotor drum in the rotation, Drum within the flow of slurry from the drum outside, The slurry flow direction opposite to the direction of centrifugal force, Impurity removal and centrifugal force in the same direction , Takes full advantage of the influence of the centrifugal force, Make impurity unapproachable sieve screen plate, Keep screen plate unimpeded effectively.  In addition, The inflow pressure screen pulp out of the mouth at the bottom of the rotor concentric circles , Rotor to accepts the small disturbance , The slurry pressure stable, low ripple . Therefore within the rotor outer rotor flow pressure screen and traditional pressure screen has the following advantages compared:

1、More suitable with 0.15 ~ 0.25mm slit drum sieve, to improve the quality of good pulp.

2、Sieve Mesh (joint) is not easy to congestion, great capacity of production.

3、Impurity to sieve plate wear small, sieve plate long life .

4、Power consumption province, save energy consumption per unit area yield of 60% ~ 80%.

5、Sieve residue quantity is little, simplified tail slag treatment process.

6、The slurry pressure stable, low ripple.

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