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High-speed paper machine project passed the acceptance

[ Time:2012-11-23 Click:1297 ]

The project received national patent licensing 19, One of them to get the domestic invention patent authorization 9, At present is still in the approval to have 15, Invention patent four ; Development of the project to improve the overall papermaking equipment technology level and promote the development of China's paper industry is of great significance.

Expert Group field visited the project site of the domestic high-speed paper, see the project commissioning situation. Subsequently, the group and his party on the development projects of the domestic high-speed paper acceptance convene a special meeting. A member of the project team, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Chen Kefu from the project objectives, the implementation, the transformation, industrialization, The obtained patent license, Set up project scientific and rationality of the evaluation, Experimental base pilot line and demonstration, funds accounts and use of funds evaluation, Reported eight aspects of the overall project organization and management experience as well as the problems and countermeasures; Reporting the Jiangfeng Wei on the project resource allocation, innovation, and the development objectives.

Acceptance expert group conscientiously listen to the opinions of the person in charge of the project report, reviewing the relevant material, "Eleventh five-year plan" of national science and technology support plan domestic high speed paper machine of the development project great achievements made by be fully affirmation, Think the project completed, realized our country domestic high speed paper machine zero breakthrough, has the milestone significance. Finally, after questions and discussion, Experts agree that "eleventh five-year plan" national science and technology support plan domestic high speed paper machine of the development project through the acceptance.

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