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Our country papermaking machinery equipment industry development characteristics

[ Time:2012-11-26 Click:1610 ]

The paper marking industry in recent years not only did not retreat to the contrary, it is a big step forward, The development of papermaking industry contributed to the papermaking machinery manufacturing industry development, With papermaking industry with the higher requirements, papermaking machinery equipment reform faces the important task. According to our country the development of a few years ago we explore China papermaking machinery equipment industry development characteristics.

(1)The trend of the development of large-scale high-speed. The cardboard machine stand-alone production will reach -300000 tons, Width about 8m, The speed will reach 700m/min; Culture machine single output 150000 tons, Width to 4.8m, the speed will reach 1200-1400m/min; life with machine width about 3600 mm, the speed will reach 1200m/min, OCC waste paper processing line of 300000 tons; Office waste paper processing line will reach 100000-150000 tons.

 (2)Some key technology will be a breakthrough.

 (3)Still has to import large or very large key technology of papermaking machinery and equipment. The domestic paper machinery technology have made ??significant progress, large or very large paper machinery and equipment still needtorely on import s, However, compared with the same scale domestic paper machinery and equipment, imports of paper machinery and equipment still has a stable performance, low consumption, high reliability advantages, but the gap will decrease.

  (4)Reliability, safety has been greatly improved, Consumption indicators are significantly reduced. Through technological progress and strengthen the quality management as well as experience is gained, Domestic papermaking machinery and equipment run failure rate will drop substantially, new papermaking equipment will significantly shorten the debug cycle. Papermaking equipment design will be more user-friendly, enhancing safety, maintenance is more convenient, Energy consumption indicators indicators will be significantly reduced.

         From the situation in recent years, International paper machinery technology development has been relatively slow, The new technology of the application of invention is not many, the basic entered a smooth development. The current single output is also could basically meet the requirements of the production scale, To expand production in the single processing transport management control difficulty not small, The market demand is not urgent, This may shorten the domestic paper-making machinery and equipment technical level with a chance of the world's advanced level.


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