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What are the main reasons is the dehydration caused by squeezing uneven

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(1)pressing roll camber error. Calculation of compensation in the camber amount of pressing rollers---Or press roll in crown curve shape of the grinding is incorrect. Resulting in uneven contact between the two rollers. Encountered this phenomenon should be considered regrinding camber.

 (2)pressing the operating conditions change. The press in a camber amount corresponding to only a certain line pressure. Production process, Due to the change of process conditions, Press blankets of different degree,  and some of the temporary operation requirements, Must adjust and change the press line pressure. Roller load once changed, Press the original camber quantity cannot with suitable, Resulting in pressure roller uneven, cause paper web dehydration uneven.

(3)Press blankets capability change. In production, felt use after period of time, Often because of uneven wear caused by heavily thickness not consistent, Or felt local was packing congestion, Lead to felt compressibility is reduced, Also have due to equipment flaws or improper operation cause felt gauge wire bending and local relaxation, cause felt dehydration uneven.

(4)Network of the department of quantitative unevenly, Make into a press sheet uneven distribution of water, Exports moisture will cause uneven. This case in the wire section to find reasons to be addressed.

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