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Papermaking mechanical lubrication characteristics

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         Papermaking machinery working environment is humid and high temperature, Some devices also accompanied by shock loads, Thus, in its resistance to emulsification, water resistance, thermal oxidation stability and load resistant performance is the main consideration in the choice of the lubricant. The lubrication points on the papermaking machine in principle is closed. The headbox paper machine wet section to a press section bearings are sealed bearings the shell waterproof immersion and grease overflow caused cross-contamination. Paper machine dry segment due to higher operating temperature runtime in central lubrication station pressure transport oil to everywhere bearings lubrication and cooling. The wet end grease lubrication points the use of regular the manual inspection check Note, change the grease, Therefore, the the lubrication system often refers to the center of the dry section of lubrication station and all transmission and oil pipelines and oiling device.

          Dry section of paper machine lubrication station is usually chosen in the Standard Model, Wet period of main bearing also use center for centralized lubrication station automatic forced lubrication.  In such a system, a papermaking machine wet, dry two sections each provided with a central lubrication station, but unified management manipulation by the automatic control system.Its all lubricating points oil quantity control by the micro motor to drive the small metering pump to achieve,  Automatic control system by computer or other software control way for oil filling pipe road of the flowmeter and the pressure gauge of monitoring and measuring filling pump motor to realize regulation.

        Paper machine and its ancillary equipment commonly used lubricants are as follows:

 Division reduction gear box 、Oil in the central lubrication station、Wave vibration box 、Worm Reducer Box 、General plain bearings, Are oil lubricated with hydraulic oil or total loss systems, Using L-HL-46 or L-AN46, 40 ℃ oil viscosity 41.4-50.6mm2 / s, Flash point>180℃The solidifying point <-10 ° C.

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