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China's paper industry exposure problems and solutions

[ Time:2012-12-10 Click:1361 ]

 The development of China's paper industry to this day, has become the world's paper industry, In the process of growing up the imperfect mechanism and industry pattern has revealed a lot of confusion and defect , And finally, in all the external factors and itself condition under the condition of the conflict, leading to industry atrophy. Thus, China's enterprises must penetrate the problem, analyze the problem and propose solutions.

Within the overall surface analysis, there are three main factors:

 1funds Dragging do everything possible addition. The fierce competition between products company, leading to its own position to the passive, Trade between dealers, but also the achievements of the the objective dominant position of the terminal buyers, Resulting in a stagnant endowment for breath, hysteresis endowment for vice, hysteresis information acquisition and a series of unbalanced chain reaction and brazen addition, Undermine the credibility of the entire paper trading market,The funds can not effectively circulation, can owe owes dragging not owe, owe can not afford to rely on with the whole market is really riddled disorder disorderly.

 2, market chaos, seek personal gain of magic. Widespread industry sales organizations and individuals for their own self-interest from the disregard of the overall interests of the enterprise, More disregard for paper and dedication of the youth and sweat all staff interests and enrich themselves, A discount, buckle point, mining point, report false, false and a series of magical means and ends of some intermediate dealers profit both ends press reduced the industry profit space, Disturbed the market operation order, the whole paper market form a kind of bad sales mode and atmosphere.

3, critically ill struggle, better not up the subtraction. In the one-sidedness consumption consciousness is not strong and vulnerability of frequently paper market. Low cost low quality and low price low consumption and better loss of spare capacity speed subtraction caused our country paper papermaking in eliminating backward production capacity surplus weak target in the formed a substantial obstacles.

In the fierce competition in the domestic market for their own products in the market have a place to stay, The paper industry and the dealer, the application can use its method in the market at a crisis with its own resources and local environment, interest conflict, In a water skiing (the slide is lower) marketing mode and sagging industry value to mix meat market space, thus promote the whole paper market water model.

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