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Toilet paper making machine daily maintenance and inspection

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Toilet paper making machine in the production, Will produce a lot of small fault,So when it use for some time, It is necessary to carry out the maintenance and upkeep, So it's small fault will not affect work efficiency. However, in the inspect it maintenance, Need to pay attention to the following questions:

  1、Need to check the geometric accuracy of the parts, When it is in use, The geometric precision or the shape of the position will have a change, When in the maintenance, and it needs to be focused inspection, So that when in use to be able to ensure that no error phenomenon. Usually overhaul, interested in its roundness, angle, parallel to be checked.

2、Surface quality inspection , Want to know in the long-term use of toilet paper machine, it will appear a few parts of the damage, scratches, loss, nap, phenomenon, Timely maintenance of these phenomenon.

3、Inspection of the mechanical properties, Toilet paper  machine in use, there are a lot of parts have a certain mechanical properties, In order to be able to balance the use of the performance of these force, So it needs a parallel state, the spring measure a series of checks, And its maintenance, to ensure normal use of its work.

4、Hidden defect inspection, To know when the Toilet paper machine in use, Has a lot of hidden defects, Like the internal slag, voids, etc., check it, be sure to pay attention to not hidden defects omissions.

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