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GuoRui paper machinery: What is the current industry problems to be solved

[ Time:2012-12-20 Click:1752 ]

Paper machinery industry in China is currently facing primary headache problem is funding, and industry in the current institutional issues.
The two problems are closely interrelated, Lack of funds to backward system, and backward system have the lack of funds.

At present, the domestic papermaking equipment on the market,One of the most active, development faster are almost private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises. State-owned and collective enterprise should speed up the stock system reform, Try to clear property rights, Make each enterprise in the market have equal, fair competition opportunity. Real management, technical, marketing, and service excels as soon as possible to come to the fore, The early completion of the accumulation of capital, to lay a solid foundation for further development. To establish a standard market, make good business enterprise develop, Business is bad enterprise be eliminated is the administrative department of industry and a pressing task. Should the study and formulation of relevant market rules of the game. Gradually formed with technical standards, regulations and other technical and economic barriers mainly market management system. The enterprise clear property rights, market rules of the game established, enterprise development will be able to move toward a virtuous circle.

 At this time, the domestic papermaking machinery development funding problems can implement, And get the long-term investment plan. The papermaking machinery of the long-term development can not rely on the country's investment and loan, This can only be take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. Rely on their own strength gradually put into one aspect, but it may be slow. Domestic equipment market prospects, operating mechanism, the extent of regulation to attract development funds, private funds or foreign should take advantage of.

 Only in fundamentally solve the problem, can we talk about development, talk about progress.

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