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The papermaking machinery industry philosophy as well as future development goals

[ Time:2012-12-24 Click:1326 ]

With the sustained and rapid development of the modern economy, Increasing people's living standards, China's papermaking machinery industry has experienced decades of time. Looking back on the past and look to the future, We are hopeful the great motherland's modernization drive, To enterprise's development prospects are full of confidence.

Our goal is to put our enterprise built with the world's advanced level of papermaking machinery manufacturing enterprises , Therefore to adhere to the "uses the mature technology and reliable product quality service users, contributing to society, to develop their own" the management idea, In order to meet user demand for the goal, To the user's opinion and the suggestion for spur,  Constantly improve our work, Do the majority of users are the most reliable, most trusted friend; We will continue to carry out innovation activities, and actively to promote technological progress. We will continue to accelerate the construction of talent team, Accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive mechanism for the growth of talent; To attach importance to the creativity of every employee, Encourage every employee to acquire specialized skills, Hard work, The enterprise has built for global and domestic advanced level of papermaking machinery production enterprise to do.

We hope to be able to continue at a later date to make a contribution for paper machinery industry, Our country in the world to create a papermaking machinery technology flat one of the high-end.

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