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The important role of the pulping equipment in paper machinery

[ Time:2012-12-29 Click:1398 ]

In paper machine in one of the important parts, this is pulping equipment, He occupies an important place in the paper, If not the presence of the pulping equipment, Can not complete slurry production of raw materials, Is also unable to complete the whole process of papermaking, So pulping equipment in paper machine what are the specific role? Shengtai Paper Machinery for everyone to share.

The pulping equipment are raw materials in the device by crushing stir collision fiber rupture, Then let the fibers present in the raw materials, after water-swelling, The fiber material in the right out of shattered processing, Finally, let fiber thinning, conduct conducive to the next paper. The detailed function for fiber after pulping in the equipment, Maximize the softness and plasticity of the fiber is the processing, Is the size of the fine fiber suitable for papermaking, Especially for system fine paper, for example, napkins, can be thinner, but the tension becomes larger.

The pulping equipment also play the role of mixing of all raw materials and additives, Uniform so that the various parts of the paper create a better quality paper.

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