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The papermaking machinery industry Doomsday whether it arrived

[ Time:2013-01-05 Click:1367 ]

This year, the paper industry downturn phenomenon continued into this year, last month, Although the state of affairs of the industry as a whole presents decrescendo phenomenon but enhance the rigid demands of the household paper on paper is a great phenomenon. To some extent, the high-speed growth of the paper industry's production capacity excess phenomenon, especially in the U.S. and European economic recession this year, Also affected to some extent for China's exports. This also shows that the structural adjustment of China's paper industry is imperative, In the adjustment process to revitalize the industry. Whether the downturn in the paper industry for paper machinery industry has brought a certain impact it?

Paper machinery industry, increasing competitiveness of small devices, the medium paper machinery market is approaching saturation, Large papermaking machinery demand has been smaller, extrusion products has brought the papermaking machinery industry turnover difficult, in large papermaking enterprises in our country the paper of high-grade life investment increase, this is for large papermaking machinery has brought the new opportunity, High-grade household paper in the future will be one of the papermaking enterprises focus on developing products, but also the rigid development needs of the market.

 The paper industry's downturn has not affected the development of papermaking machinery industry, which brought an industry to adjust the timing of transition to the paper industry or paper machinery industry, and create a new pattern of development of the industry. China's paper-making machinery industry development gradually with the level of international industry standards, that paper machinery industry development will extend globalization.

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