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The papermaking machinery industry scorching pattern of cruel

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China's huge market potential has attracted the brightest despots of the equipment manufacturing industry, At the same time to promote the development of the industry, the Chinese market a new challenge: No matter from the market share or supply level, a papermaking machinery industry in China are at a disadvantage.

 Modern paper-making equipment is a kind of single piece small batch production of large complete sets of mechanical and electrical integration products. Not only manufacturing costs, research and development cost is higher. Outside world, in addition to a few giant multinational paper machinery manufacturing group has a corresponding strength of pilot studies and full development, there is no domestic paper machinery enterprises have such conditions and strength. In the current global market structure, in leadership peers abroad, Its globalization strategy, the paper market in China as a key market, Not only to maintain its monopoly in the large-scale, high-speed, automated pulp and paper production lines, Also play its financial and technical advantages, have set up a joint venture and technology center in China, Seeking manufacturing partners, making use of the domestic talent advantage and cost advantages, and adjust the price policy to compete for market share of domestic equipments of medium-sized enterprise market. With high price in the domestic market vacancy of key equipment parts, for domestic equipment to replace the key parts and universal parts to close to the price.

The industry should face up, with the intensifying market competition, the leading enterprise of the paper-making equipment, led by Voith and Metso, Market-oriented service is not limited to their production machines and accessories, When foreign counterparts have begun to adjust the strategic direction, to snatch a new market for the products of other vendors also provide maintenance,The Chinese papermaking equipment companies are still at the low end of the market.


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