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In China, the authors packing kraft paper industry development problems

[ Time:2013-01-17 Click:1769 ]

Packaging kraft paper industry in China is sold at home and abroad, but also by the praise of many packaging manufacturers. However, compared with the international level, there are still a lot of deficiencies. Packaging kraft paper industry in China, what need to change the status of it?

First: excess capacity, small-scale enterprises

According to statistics, at present, China's packing kraft paper enterprise is about 2000,  Packaging kraft paper making enterprises more than one million tons level only about 80, But most enterprise scale is still small workshops status. Especially papermaking equipment, compared with developed countries, is still far behind.

Second: too much reliance on foreign pulp, lack of self-made market pulp

Our packaging kraft paper pulp mainly dependent on foreign imports, by external influences. According to this year, the the U.S. pulp Bureau latest statistics, 80% of U.S. pulp exports of the country. At present, China capable of self-produced pulp packaging kraft paper manufacturers not to one-third.

Third: packing kraft paper industry cluster through, cause packing kraft paper industry into the meager profit era

Packaging kraft paper manufacturers in China are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta area. Industry cluster is too high, the major and medium small enterprise dispersion, The whole industry chain linking between undeserved, cause the whole packing kraft paper industry profit.

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