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The characteristics of different fiber manufacturing paper

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In the use of refiner for paper making, Are able to use the pulp there are many, However, the different pulp during paper made ??from the quality of the paper is on the bad. The following is a different pulp, caused by the characteristics of the paper.

First, wooden series fiber, It is commonly used in the papermaking, paper quality is very good, And it produces relatively soft paper, The cell content of the component contained in the few easily manufactured into the material of the paper.

Second, hard wood, It is caused by the paper , and its smoothness and stiffness are good, But it is easy to appear wool or dry linting dusting.

Third, grasses fiber series, It is used in paper making steps will trouble, It is the production of paper is bad, and in the bleaching is very troublesome. The chemical properties of the pulp is not stable, In the production of paper, also has a certain impact on the quality of the paper.

Fourth, bamboo fiber, It is better in the production of paper, And its dross opposite relatively small, in the production of simple structure. However, in the use of recycled paper pulp during the paper when it is manufactured quality is a lot worse, But the extent of its paper production is better, the use of a wide range, and it is an environmentally friendly paper production.


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