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GuoRui explanation paper process problems

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Paper plays an important role in the national life, Such as writing paper, burning paper, toilet paper, napkins and other various paper on different occasions and the field of the use of different, The lack of the use of these paper, Not only civilization can not be delivered, but also affect the ordinary lives of the residents, So, the paper industry is very important, the use of paper machine also can not be lack of.

Since the use of paper, paper machine is indispensable, So the papermaking process also need to grasp, common papermaking process is what kind of?

The papermaking process from classification ,Generally can be divided into pulp and papermaking of two parts, Pulp including pulper, refiner, and beating, add, sizing, color, purifying, screening a series of processing procedures, Papermaking is made ??good on paper machine copy cause paper. The two processes are indispensable, and each step has a direct impact on the quality of the paper. Moreover, the pulp direct from the shop floor can not be used to direct the paper making, After beating must first paper, only the necessary processing of direct, Moreover, the paper making must be used to improve the quality of the paper filler also added, Increase the use and availability of the paper.

The pulp fed to the paper machine before the papermaking, Is must also Desanding screening, addition to gas pretreatment, Remove mixed in the pulp metal or non-metallic impurities, fiber bundles and air, reduce paper dust, and to improve the quality of the paper. Desanding, screening and treatment, the pulp is fed into the headbox, Uniformly distributed in the dehydration of the wire part of the paper machine to form a wet paper sheet, Then through the press section for The mechanical Squeeze Dewatering , Then in the drying section by using heat energy to evaporate the moisture of the wet paper kind, Finally, calendering, coiling, slitting, paper selection, or rewinding, packing and other finishing processes to become the finished flat panel or roll of paper or cardboard.

 Further, in the papermaking step, the outflow of a large number of Whitewater, This contains a lot of fiber material, can be recycled. Don't direct discharge off, direct discharge off will pollution of the environment, so want to be processed after discharge.

The new paper machine fully enclosed hood, dry net and bag ventilation, And top grade machine, air cushion drying method to improve the quality of the paper making, more paper making work for targeted.

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