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An important factor affecting the stiffness of paperboard

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The importance of paperboard stiffness

For boxboard and white paper, stiffness is a basic performance indicator

Paper stiffness is a very important indicator, a direct impact on the size of the crease stiffness (another factor for the die-cutting pressure), thus affecting the finished product molding. Stiffness is small, easy to crush the finished product, warping; stiffness is large, difficult to shape the finished product.

Packaging paper on the stiffness requirements, different quantitative paper stiffness is different, generally with the square of the thickness is proportional relationship, the higher the thickness of the cardboard, the higher the stiffness.

Factors that affect bending stiffness

There are many factors that affect stiffness. The thickness and elastic modulus of the cardboard is the most fundamental factor affecting the cardboard or paper stiffness. When the thickness is constant, the stiffness increases with increasing tightness. When the weight does not change, it decreases slightly with the increase of tightness, but the general trend is net increase

Paperboard stiffness test method

Stiffness of the measurement method is fixed, there is no fixed angle test-like bending strength, the specimen free bending measured its strength changes. Some test methods both.

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