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Natural bamboo pulp paper is the future trend of paper development

[ Time:2017-05-13 Click:1139 ]

 "Ten years into the wood, a hundred years in the forest, under the condition of the increasingly serious environmental problems, the original wood pulp on ecological environment will produce great damage has attracted more and more attention, with bamboo made this paper can solve the problem from the raw materials, has a broad market prospect." Yang Lin, Professor of bioengineering at Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, said.


It is understood that Chinese is the most abundant bamboo resources in the world, known as the "Kingdom of bamboo", in which Sichuan is rich in resources from the best ingredients of bamboo and the bamboo with fast growth, short cycle, renewable, once afforestation, benefit every year,the superior characteristics of log paper.


Bamboo pulp is between coniferous and broad-leaved wood, significantly better than straw pulp,medium fiber length of the paper pulp, thin and soft, high tearing, bursting strength and lower tensile strength, high mechanical strength, is the ultimate choice of many high-grade paper products, can completely replace the hardwood and softwood pulp decreased the amount of. At present, the market of household paper generally after hypochlorite bleaching, the wastewater on the environment pollution is very serious, organic chloride in wastewater, is the organic compound known the most poisonous substances of all organisms caused three induced effect is carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic." Yang Lin said that the use of natural bamboo pulp can eradicate the pollution from the source, just because of the color of the paper is not white, people accept the degree is not too high, while European countries from 1990s onwards on the widespread use of color paper, I believe that the market outlook is very bright.

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