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The United States Tralin project postponed indefinitely

[ Time:2017-06-03 Click:1303 ]


May 10th, from the other side of the United States news, The Associated Press and other mainstream American media have reported that Tralin group in the state of Virginia (Virginia) Chester Phil Shire (ChesterfieldCounty) to determine the extension of the construction industry project.

The project was formally launched in 2014 with a total investment of US $2 billion. The launching ceremony was held in October 22, 2015. It was planned to be put into operation in 2020. The production base is located in the James River Industrial Centeran area of 850 acres (about 5160 mu) of the park. The production process of Tralin advanced, with wheat straw and corn straw as the main raw materials, production of color paper, residue of papermaking process will be used to produce organic fertilizer. The whole production process will be a complete cycle of industrial chain. This project is not only the enterprise investment project in the United States Virginia in the history of the biggest and largest increase employment plan,is also the china history of the largest new economic development projects in American. However, due to the postponement of construction, the project has become the largest economic change in the history of Phil County, Chester.

According to the reasons for the delay linzhiye in earlier releases, "recently, mainly due to its parent company in Chinese built a pulp and paper and biological fertilizer factory achieved unexpected success." (presumably the Heilongjiang Quanlin project) Company Tralin deputy director of public relations LisaRandall in reply to the media message said: "the parent company of Shandong linzhiye limited liability company to extract resources from Chinese new project operation to support new research, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce pollution, and there are tentative signs of significant efficiency will affect the business plan in Tralin aspects."

And this project is delayed so that the U.S. economy circles have questioned whether they have the ability to achieve the original Tralin on the part of the government in the construction of time commitment. How long will the project be delayed? To improve the production efficiency of the measures proposed by the United States for Tralin factory means what? To solve these problems, Randall did not give the answer, but said "Tralin is a big company as everyone knows, but the project is moving forward."

In addition, the high-level Tralin paper also told the media that the project is delayed for many reasons, such as the company last fall in U.S. Environmental Permit is not smooth; in addition, in March this year, the United States Tralin CEO Peng Zhiyuan (JerryPeng) to the departure of MR, the fiscal impact of project support.


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