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British paper mills over energy saving targets

[ Time:2017-06-09 Click:1212 ]


In recent days, the UK paper industry said it had successfully achieved industry energy savings targets and exceeded 2.6% of its original target.

It is reported that the British paper manufacturers actively join the climate change agreement (CCA) in 2001. In order to encourage British paper makers to further save energy, the UK paper mill, which has joined the agreement, is entitled to tax concessions such as climate change.

"We find that the primary driver of energy savings is cost savings," says DavidMorgan, energy data manager for the UK paper federation. If understanding of purchasing environmental protection equipment costs, also know to 10% discount the procurement of equipment and can save 10% of energy per year, and the procurement cost can be within two years of installment payment, you might consider investing in environmental protection equipment."

It is understood that 2017-2018 years, the British paper-making enterprises energy savings target increased by 10% compared to 2008. Britain's 45 paper makers were originally scheduled to meet 7.1% of the company's energy savings targets, resulting in a 9.7% increase in energy efficiency, compared with an increase in energy savings in 2008. Paper mills that do not meet the energy savings targets set by CCA want to stay within the climate change agreement and accept domestic buyout provisions. If you refuse to pay the buyout fees required by CCA, you do not have to continue to comply with the CCA agreement, nor enjoy the climate change tax relief.

In addition, DavidMorgan said: "it may be generally assumed that large paper firms with sufficient funds perform better in the CCA agreement.". But we've seen so many years of observation that this is not the case. As a matter of fact, small paper-making enterprises have invested more in large energy saving enterprises in terms of energy saving, while small paper-making enterprises have more incentives to save energy than they do in large paper mills."


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