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Ministry of Commerce announced the "waste sorting classification standards" and other three standards amendments project approved

[ Time:2017-06-17 Click:1150 ]


In June 14, 2017, the Ministry of Commerce announced the "2017 circulation industry standard project plan", by China renewable resource recycling association drafted the "standard", "the classification of waste paper recycling site construction management standards", "renewable resources sorting center construction management standard" three standards revision project approved.

The classification standard for waste paper was drafted by the Ministry of Commerce and commissioned by the China Association for the recycling of renewable resources. It was put into effect in December 1, 2014. This is the first industry standard for the detailed classification of waste paper. "Waste classification standards" according to the source and use of waste paper, waste paper will be divided into eight categories: 25 grade waste cartons, waste paper,scrap books and magazines, cardboard, paper, scrap copper version of sheets of paper and special paper, and in accordance with the division of waste paper quality, unqualified content, no waste paper the content and moisture content of the different 2-4 levels for each type of waste paper

Since the promulgation of the standard of classification of waste paper, it has played an important role in guiding the market transactions, tracking the domestic waste paper index, guiding the development of the waste paper industry and docking the international waste paper trade. But because of the "waste" definition cannot accurately locate the available "recycled paper" this concept, at the same time as the quality inspection standard of waste paper in recent years to enhance the quality standard of waste paper and major enterprises adjust the current "paper classification standard" to "waste" and "recycled paper" definition, and the quality of recycled paper in circulation required to make necessary amendments.

This revision will have more enterprises to participate in the domestic implementation of waste paper quality standards more widely, and the forthcoming "waste paper processing industry norms conditions" in coordination, to guide and regulate the development of waste paper sorting processing industry.

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