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Reasons for stopping the paper machine

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 Paste net refers to the net surface has a piece of eyelet is blocked, can not filter water. In the face of the sheet forming and dewatering and normal papermaking has a great influence. Appear paste net, the paper material after the Internet on paper material paste net around the first water filter shape, pulp layer thickness of paper material paste at four direction to go, paste surface will become thin slurry or without slurry zone area, finally in the paper will become through the blinds or holes.

Common types of paste net are widely distributed the star shaped white spots on the net surface, each white spot blocked 1~4 mesh. Also striped, with a length of about 20~30 mm and a width of about a few eyelets. Still in the net by forming joint behind the star shaped white paste into a larger bar with certain width and density

Blocked mesh material mainly has the following types

1)A mixture of fine fibers and non fibrous properties. If calcium carbonate is used as a filler, the mixture of the Yellow paste of calcium carbonate and the fine fiber can cause the phenomenon of paste net. The high temperature in summer, if the use of high degree of freedom of rosin size, prone to caking and paste paste net phenomenon  

2)Resin blocks, such as the use of resin content of wood pulp, there will be resin patches on the net phenomenon  

3)Asphalt blocks, ash spots, plastic spots, oil stains, rubber blocks, paint spots, etc., mainly appear in the use of waste paper containing these substances as the raw material of the paper machine

Paste net not only affect the quality of paper, is also a great influence on the production, often due to paste net, have to stop treatment, or even a class down several times, the most serious, the matter could not paste net clearly, was forced to replace steel

The following measures can be adopted when pasting the net

1)Treatment of paste nets caused by non resin barriers

a)Appear paste net, vacuum suction tank vacuum is not too high, the best lower than normal, if reduce the total vacuum to wet paper too much water can also affect the normal production, only first, second lower vacuum box vacuum;

b) the appropriate tension forming network, for elimination of the network on the pit bag, folding the paste net and eliminating net joint paste net is often effective;

c) to strengthen the net washing in forming net return, especially high pressure cleaning water system to normal pressure swing, to reach 20~25kg/cm2

d)When the net is found, the foam in the front of the net should be removed in time, because the foam often has a higher content of alcohol - the stupid extract, and the foam often causes the paste net when the paper gets on the net

In addition, when summer temperature is high, proper reduction of the freeness of rosin size, reasonable control of the dissolution of calcium carbonate and the process of adding and preventing the formation of yellow paste can help to solve the problem of paste nets

2)For the paste net caused by resin barrier, the following measures can be adopted

a)Reasonable control of the resin content of the pulps is the most basic measure;  

b)reasonably control the pH value and use alum to control the resin barrier

c)To strengthen cleaning work, regular washing pipes, beater, storage tank and various slurry tanks to prevent resin accumulation too much, fall into the paper, it will cause a paste on the paper machine net

d)Resin dispersant and fixative were used to disperse and remove resin

3)The use of waste paper as raw material, to strengthen the processing of waste paper, to prevent the inclusion of asphalt and plastic and other impurities mixed

When the paste net appears, it is usually washed by steam. The asphalt, rubber block, oil stain and paint can be cleaned with organic solvent (such as gasoline or kerosene)

Under normal circumstances, do not use acid processing network, because the network has been eroded by acid, it is easy to hang on the fiber, more heavy paste network phenomenon

The general forming net joint is easy to paste the net and is also treated by the chemical agent during the welding, so that the cable is not smooth. Sometimes the bond of fine fiber, resin and CaSO4 precipitate together by paste, with acid, alkali, benzene and other do not wash, and the use of copper ammonia solution, the dissolution of small fiber which can achieve good results. Pay attention to the application of a large number of clean water, so as not to corrode the forming net

The washing of plastic mesh can be washed under 10% or less caustic soda solution or 5~10% hydrochloric acid solution (note that the concentration can not exceed 10%) or other cleaning agent. When washing, all wet water and washing water should be closed and washed at the crawl speed. After washing, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Such as the use of nets, the general use of high pressure water and steam injection method to clean the dirt on the Internet, can also be washed with the chemicals

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