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Fundamentals of Papermaking

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1.Raw materials of modern papermaking are plant fiber (wood, bamboo, grass, etc.), mineral fiber (asbestos, glass, etc.), other fibers (nylon, wire, etc.), the plant fiber is the main raw material used for writing, printing, packaging paper.



2.The current paper industry, plant fiber raw materials can be divided into two categories: wood fiber: directly get from the trees. Non-wood fiber: also grass fiber, bast fibers and seed wool fiber materials.


3.The opacity of the paper depends on the light scattering ability of the paper, the number of light scattering interfaces inside the paper (the number of internal independent particles) and the difference in refractive index difference between the scattering interfaces. The more the light scattering interface, the greater the difference in refractive index between the scattering interface, the greater the light scattering ability of the paper, the higher the opacity.


4. In order to meet the special needs of paper, often add all kinds of non-fibrous additives in the pulp or paper. According to usage, can be divided into the following categories:

1) wet strength agent. Add additives to increase the wet strength of the paper, such as urea-formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin.


2) dry strength agent. Such as cationic starch, polyacrylamideetc.

3) retention aid. In order to reduce the loss of filler and fine fiber during the papermaking process, such as polyacrylamide, polyoxyethylene and polyethyleneimine etc.

4) defoamer. Used to eliminate the foam in the papermaking process. Such as silicone oil, turpentine, tridecyl alcohol, tributyl phosphate, amyl alcohol and octanol etc.

5) water resistance agent. Mainly used for high water resistance demand for paper. Such as paraffin, metal soap, glyoxal, melamine alexol resin and dimethylamino ethyl acrylate etc.



5. According to the usage,has cultural paper, industrial paper, tissue and special paper,culture paper can be simply divided into non-coated paper and coated paper. Uncoated processing paper is called non-coated paper, such as newsprint, offset paper, electrostatic copy paper and writing paper, etc.;coated processing paper is called coated paper, such as coated paper, calendar paper, Light paper, glass cardboard and so on.

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