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High quality screw 2 head paper mill/core pipe forming machine

Micro paper tube machine

Technical parameter

?Reel shaft diameter? ?10-30mm? ?Paper tube wall thickness ? ?1-5mm?
?paper tube speed? ?5-20m/min? ?roll paper number? ?3-8 layer?
?Winding head? ?Two head single belt ? ?operate worker? ?2 people?
?main machine power? ?3KW? ?Cutting tube motor? ?750W?
?main machine specification? ?1200*1000*1200? ?Power Supply? ?220V 3phase 60HZ?

Product features:

1. The main body is made of thick and heavy steel plate by numerical control cutting and welding. The frame is stable, not easy to
deform and has small vibration.

2. The main drive adopts hard tooth surface full oil bath chain drive, low noise, low heat, high
speed and high torque.

3. The main motor adopts vector high torque frequency converter

4, PLC control system is adopted to improve
cutting response speed, and cutting length control is more accurate than before.

5. Equipped with a new type of operation panel
and large size color touch screen HMI operation.

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