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Hot selling products 1880 automatic toilet paper rewinder factory price

Hot selling products 1880 automatic toilet paper rewinder factory price

 1880toilet rewinder machine

Technical parameters

?Machine Model ?1575 ?1760 ?1880 ?2800 ?3500
?Paper Widt(mm) ?1800? ?2000? ??2200? ?2800? ?3500?
?Finished Diameter?(mm) 50~1800mm Adjustable Width?
?Finish Paper Core? 30~55mm?
?Base Diameter(mm) 110?0mm StandardOther size are available?
Diameter? ??GB 76mm (please specify other specifications)
Process Capability 150~280 M / Minute
Parameter Setting PLC computer operating system interface
Back Stand Standard three layersynchronous transmission
Perforation Pitch(mm) 2 blades, 150 ~ 300 mm; 3 blades, 80 ~ 220 mm
Pneumatic System

The3horse aircompressoraminimumpressure of

Power Stepless variable speed
Dimensions(mm) 6200x2600x800mm~6200x4000x800mm

Product Name: rewinder


Product model: embossed toilet paper rewinder
Product Description: the automatic rewinder adopts the international advanced PLC computer programming technology, frequency conversion speed regulation, electronic brake and equipped with touch screen man-machine interface operation system. The system upgrades and develops the coreless paper winding forming rewinder. The new technology of PLC computer control program and air column forming is applied to achieve the goal of no need of paper core and steel pipe secondary winding Effect, so that the rewinder comprehensive upgrade to meet the needs of the market, the application of various technologies more convenient and fast.It has the function of single side embossing and double side embossing, which increases the ornamental value and product upgrading for toilet paper.
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