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High efficiency heavy slag remover on sale in paper machine factory

High efficiency heavy slag remover on sale in paper machine factory

 High efficiency heavy slag remover

KH400 highly effective heavy impurity cleaner

The KH400 highly effective heavy impurity cleaner is developed by New-Ridong machine shop new development kind of highly effective Iow thick heavy impurity cleaner. The main body material quality has the high quality stainless steel and the wear-resisting nylon and so on for the user free choice, gets down the awl is the wear-resisting ceramic material quality.This product synthesizes the domestic and foreign newest research results and has many creative designs: The contraction rectangle tangent enters the thick liquid mouth, the cushion separation cone, the arc contraction cone curve, the constant platoon dregs rate awl mouth, the combination collection dregs trough and so on, solved the Heavy tar skim gate textile fiber to drain.

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