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Paper making machinery pulping equipment slag separator slag separator


Rejects Separator Slag Discharge Separator Pulping Equipment

Technical parameters

Model RSH-1 RSH-2 note
Production capacity(t/d) 10-15 20-30  
Consistency of input pulp(%) roughing:2.5-5;select:1-2 roughing:2.5-5;select:1-2  
Arranges the dregs density(%) 15-20% 15-20% Do not contain fiber in slag
Screen area(m²) 0.75 1.1 Select screen hole 2.0, roughing mesh 3.0
Wash water volume(Mpa) 0.2 0.2  
Wash water volume(L/min) About100 About120  
Spindle speed(r/min) 1180 870  
Power of motor(KW) Y2255-4/37 Y250M-4/55  


Rejects Separator , Slag Discharge Separator , Pulping Equipment is popular the various european countries in the last few years on the scrap paper pulping flow tail thick liquid processing special purpose equipment.The use effect is good.This machines have characteristics of high textile fiber rate,and low processing costs.Mainly uses in the choosing of coarse screening after the fiber separator duplex fiber separator and the pressure screen,after separation arranges in the tailings not to contain the textile fiber,conforms to the environmental protection emission standard. This product is introduces by Austrian VOITH Corporation,after diligently,already voluntarily developed the manufacture in every way by our company,is in the manufacture domestically scrap paper pulping flow processes the tail thick liquid the ideal equipment.

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Company Information

Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments. The main items as below: high speed Toilet paper machine, Napkin paper machine, Culture paper machine, Industrial packaging paper machine, Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales, we have owned one excellent R&D department, as well as the good pre-sale service, after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system. Our products has been sold in the most of the China, as well as the foreign country, such as, Vietnam, Mongolia, West Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Uzbekistan, etc.Any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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