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3800 long net multi-cylinder corrugated paper machine

3800 long net multi-cylinder corrugated paper machine

3800mm Corrugated Paper Machine 


Part one: The basic technical parameter
1. 型号: 3800长网多缸瓦楞纸机
  Item: 3800Corrugated Paper Machine
2. 抄造品种: 牛皮纸,瓦楞纸
  Output paper: Kraft paper, Corrugated paper
3. 抄造定量(g/m²): 80—250g/m²
   Gram weight(g/m²): 80—250g/m²
4. 净纸宽度 (mm): 3800mm
   Net paper width (mm): 3800mm
5. 设计车速 (m/min): 160m/min
   Design work speed (m/min):160m/min
6. 工作车速(m/min): 70—150m/min
   Work speed (m/min): 70—150m/min
7. 生产能力(t/d): 60t/d
  Daily capacity (t/d): 60t/d
8. 传动方式: 交流变频,分部传动
   Drive way: AC variable frequency, section drive
9. 机型设计: 方箱型结构,分左右手机
  Model design: Box structure, operation by left or right hand
10. 上浆方式: 流浆箱
    Sizing way: Headbox
11. 适用毛毯: 普化纤平织毛毯
    Matched felt: Normal Chemical fiber woven felt
12. 成型网形式: 铜绕线式
   Forming wire type: Copper wound-rotor
13. 结构布局: 单层
   Structural layout: Monolayer
14. 适用电源(v, HZ): 220, 380伏/50~60HZ
    Power (v, HZ): 220, 380v/50~60HZ
15. 气动介质: 压缩空气0.6MPa 3级工业压缩空气标准
   Pneumatic medium: Compressed air, 0.6 MPa, level 3 industrial compressed air standards
16. 适用蒸汽: 0.3MPa
   Steam: 0.3MPa
17. 水质标准: PH-7总碱度(以 CaCO3计 mg/L)≤350
Water quality standard: PH-7, total alkalinity(take CaCO3 as example, mg/L)≤350
18. 使用原料: 稻草、麦秸、木材、废纸等
Raw material: Rice straw, wheat straw, wood, waste paper, etc
Part two: technological process (take waste paper as example)
Waste paper---Pulping---Screening---Pulp washing---Defibrination---Rescreen---Size mixing---Mixed pulp---Desander---upper wire---water absorption---Drying---Reeling---Slitting---Packing---Storage
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