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Toilet paper roll packing machine tissue paper napkin packing machine

Toilet paper roll packing machine tissue paper napkin packing machine

Paper napkin packing machine feature 

1.The packaging machine with Flattened,bagging,sealing function,conveyor belt with automatic transmission,artificial paper,automatic pull paper,bagging,sealing and cutting as one of the overall packaging machine.

2.The use of advanced PLC computer programming control,LCD text display parameters,easy to set up,water cooling control,temperature control is more accurate,more effective protection of heating wire and high temperature tape.

3.Packaging and sealing effect is beautiful,neat,accurate positioning control,semi-automatic operation,including the conveyor belt of the body so that the packaging machine and printer connected to achieve mechanized transport paper,just manual bagging,machine faster,more Save labor;reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

4.Packing speed: 5-7 lift/min. All sizes should be selected specifications.

5. Applicable to the core of the toilet paper or coreless paper in the package,sealing;machine can not automatically on the color pattern.Artificial finishing paper,can be discharged.

6. The whole structure is reasonable,stable performance,strong material,more durable;control parts for the import of high-quality components,the rest of the national standard quality components.

Technical parameter toilet paper roll packing machine tissue paper napkin packing machine 

 Machine model  GR260A paper packing machine
 Speed  5-7 lift/min
 Voltage  220V 50HZ/customize
 Air supply  0.5 MPA(supplyed by customer)
 Total power  0.4+0.8KW
 Packing size

 Single diameter 80-100 * height 10-150mm

(diameter and height to be selected)

fork angle to be selected

 Machine size  2700*1500*1200mm

Paper napkin packing machine show

paper napkin packing machine

toilet paper roll packing machine

Final paper products effect show toilet paper roll packing machine tissue paper napkin packing machine

packing effect2.jpg


1.Wooden package;
2.Standard export package;
3.According to customers' requirements.


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Company information

Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments.The main items as below:high speed Toilet paper machine,Napkin paper machine,Culture paper machine,Industrial packaging paper machine,Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales,we have owned one excellent R&D department,as well as the good pre-sale service,after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system.Our products has been sold in the most of the China,as well as the foreign country,such as,Vietnam,Mongolia,West Africa,South Africa,Brazil,Uzbekistan,etc.

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