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Test liner fluting paper machine brown kraft paper machine

Test liner fluting paper machine brown kraft paper machine

Technical parameter test liner fluting paper machine brown kraft paper machine

  Net paper width   1780mm
  Daily capacity   30t/d
  Gram weight   60-250g/m2
  Work speed   70-100m/min
  Model design   Box structure,operation by left or right hand
  Sizing way   Headbox
  Matched felt   Normal Chemical fiber woven felt
  Forming wire type   Copper wound-rotor
  Structural layout   Monolayer

Kraft paper machine feature

1.Easy operation,superior performance,can work continuously with high efficiency
2.Low noise,the use of harmless broken paper

3.This paper simple operation on board.Paper automatic positioning,the paper transport mechanism are equipped with elastic adjusting Device
4.Automatic roll,synchronous cutting paper,work continuously

brown kraft paper machine

test liner fluting paper machine

Kraft paper production line main spare parts

NO. Equipment Quantity(set)
1 1760 kraft paper machine 1
2 Hydrapulper 1
3 Vibrating screen 1
4 Defibrating machine 1
5 Agitator 10
6 Grinding machine 4
7 Pressure screen 3
8 Cylinder mould 5
9 Dryer


10 Dryer


11 Air hood


12 Vacuum pump



paper machine spare partspaper making machine spare parts

Raw material

Cotton,straw,waste carton,waste paper,wood,bagasse etc.

raw material

Production flow

Waste paper---Pulping---Screening---Pulp washing---Defibrination---Rescreen---Size mixing---Mixed pulp---Desander---Upper wire---Water absorption---Drying---Reeling---Slitting---Packing---Storage

The flow chart just for reference

paper production flow chart

Output paper 



Wooden package,Standard export package,such as 20GP 40GP 40HC container or according to customer's requirements.

packaging shipping

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