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V fold facial tissue paper making machine

V fold facial tissue paper making machine

Brief description

V fold facial tissue paper making machine kleenex facial tissue folding converting machine adopt frequency control configuration Multi touch screen man-machine interface operating system ,Independent developed a remote communication service system,can monitor at any time operation of the machine;the synchronous belt drive before and after the transmission speed ratio machine, makes the equipment suitable for a varietof paper,The quality and efficiency are greatly improved.

V fold facial tissue machine features

1. the paper rack with pneumatic paper,stepless speed regulation,adjust different paper tension

2. can be folded according to the needs of different width of the finished product,you can choose to cut or cut

3. according to the need to configure the base alignment function

4. broken paper automatic shutdown system,to avoid paper or broken paper waste

5. before and after the use of traction to move the switch base,the operation is easy and safe

Technical parameter 

 Half finished after the start of specification (mm)

 180- 200 (please specify other specifications)

 Double base weight range (GSM)

 Single layer13-18grams(other specifications specified)

 The largest paper specification (mm)

 Φ1200*1000-1450mm(please specify other specifications)

 Jumbo roll core diameter

 Φ76. 2mm (other size requirements)

 Machine speed


 Host power (KW)

 5.5KW  7.5KW

 Vacuum power (KW)

 11KW  15KW



 Broken way

 Face knife

 Whole structure

 The form of wallboard and others tructure 

 Test paper

 With paper exhausted automatic deceleration stop and paper detection system downtime

 Mechanical transmission mode

 Electric drive, toothed chain speed reducer,synchronous belt,flat belt,chain

 Base paper of paper system

 Pneumatic automatic paper feeding system

 Paper backing

 The 2 floor (please specify)

 Folding roll gap

 Adjustable gap between folding rollers

 The paper advanced placement system

 Pneumatic whole moving paper outlet bottom plate

 Paper out system

 The use of smooth conveyor belt stepless speed auxiliary paper

 Overall dimensions(mm)

 6000mm x2000mm-2500mm x2050mm 

 Machine weight (kg)


 Matching items


 Paper backing



 Steel to steel,steel to plastic

 Trimming system

 Vacuum trimming and adsorption system

 Common specifications:180/190/195/200/210

V fold facial tissue machine show

soft drawing kleenex facial tissue paper making machine

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1.Wooden package;
2.Standard export package;
3.According to customers' requirements.

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Company information

Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments.The main items as below:Toilet paper machine,Napkin paper machine,Culture paper machine,Industrial packaging paper machine,Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales,we have owned one excellent R&D department,as well as the good pre-sale service,after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system.Our products has been sold in the most of the China,as well as the foreign country, such as Vietnam,Mongolia,West Africa,South Africa,Brazil,Uzbekistan etc.

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