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A4 paper recycling machine copy paper making machine

A4 paper recycling machine copy paper making machine

Technical parameter

  Net paper width   1092mm   Paper weight   60-150g/m²
  Design work speed    220m/min   Work speed   50-120m/min
  Daily capacity    5-8t/d   Sizing way   Front Pulp
  Forming wire type   Copper wound-rotor   Structural layout   Monolayer
  Drive way   AC variable frequency,section drive
  Model design   Box structure,operation by left or right hand
  Matched felt   Normal Chemical fiber woven felt

Copy paper making machine feature 

1.Easy operation,superior performance,can work continuously with high efficiency
2.Low noise,the use of harmless broken paper

3.This paper simple operation on board.Paper automatic positioning,the paper transport mechanism are equipped with elastic adjusting Device
4.Automatic roll,synchronous cutting paper,work continuously

copy paper making machinea4 paper making machine

a4 paper recycling machine


(1)Cylinder part:one piece Ø1250 cylinder mould,With movable curved plate mesh slot,one piece  Ø380 soft rubber top roller

(2)Pressure part:one double felted press,Ø400 stone roller,rubber roller for each one,pneumatic pressure

(3)Drying part:one piece Ø1500 cylinder dryer with gas hood,one piece Ø400 carrier roller, pneumatic pressure

(4)Transmission part:Distributed transmission,ac converter speed regulation

paper machine spare partscylinder mould dryer roll

Raw material

Waste paper,wood pulp,virgin pulp,straw,reed,bagasse and other fibers

raw material

Headbox section---Fourdrinier forming section---Press section---Dryer section---Sizing section---Dryer group section---Calander---Reeling machine---Rewinder 

The flow chart just for reference

production line

Drawing for your reference


Output paper products

a4 paper copy paper writing paper


Wooden package,standard export package,such as 20GP 40GP 40HC container or according to customer's requirements.  

packaging shipment

Company information

Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments.The main items as below:high speed Toilet paper machine,Napkin paper machine,Culture paper machine,Industrial packaging paper machine,Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales,we have owned one excellent R&D department,as well as the good pre-sale service,after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system.Our products has been sold in the most of the China,as well as the foreign country,such as,Vietnam,Mongolia,West Africa,South Africa,Brazil,Uzbekistan,etc.

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