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Jumbo roll tissue Napkin Paper making machine Production Line From China Supplier

Jumbo roll   tissue  Napkin Paper making machine  Production Line From China Supplier


jumbo roll   tissue  Napkin Paper making machine  Production Line From China Supplier

Product Description

Technical parameter

Net paper width 1880mm
Gram weight 14-45g/m2
Design work speed 80-180m/min
work speed 40-150/min
Capacity 8-10/d


Drive wayAC variable frequency, section drive

Model designBox structure, operation by left or right hand

Sizing wayInversion Pulping

Matched feltNormal Chemical fiber woven felt

Forming wire typeStainless Steel plate

Structural layoutMonolayer

Pneumatic mediumCompressed air, 0.6 MPa, level 3 industrial compressed air standards


Water quality standardPH-7, total alkalinity(take CaCO3 as example, mg/L)≤350

Worker number3-5 worker

Raw materialRice straw, wheat straw, wood pulp, waste paper, etc

napkin paper production line

napkin paper production line

napkin paper production line


Main Features

Simple and easy to operate.
2) High efficiency.
3) Raw materials saving.
4) Can be customized according to the actual production needs of customers.

Napkin paper machine main parts 





Paper Making Machinery




It is used to make the wet paper to be dried.

Saturated steam from a steam connection to pass into the internal condensation on dryer, heat release makes dryer temperature rise, can be coated on the shell surface and a running paper page heating. The heat in the paper and the dryer surface contact is transferred to the paper.


Cylinder mould

It is used to pick up the fiber from net cage by the 3 layers nets on cylinder mould. The spinning cylinder mould extract fiber to the paper making felt.


Air compressor

It is used to get compressed air,and supply to the pneumatic device.


Draught fan

Draught fan is used to pull out the emitting steam to exhaust hood more efficiency.


Vibration screen

It is mainly used to select pulp roughly. With steady pulp box and pulp receiving groove, this machine is full closed and has some advantages of firm structured, long operating life, convenient in maintenance and so on.


Fiber separator

Fiber separator is a pulp screening equipment,which uses the proportion between fiber and impurities to get rid of all kinds of waste paper Impurities with separation


Slag remover

it is mainly used for sorting the coarse pulp after fiber separator, compound fiber separator and pressure screen. The residue discharged after separation does not contain fiber and conforms to the emission standard of environmental protection.


Decker machine


It is used in the pulp and paper industry to dehydrate and concentrate low-concentration pulp



It is used in wasted paper and finished product thick liquid board pull an oar,is it solve to break to it pull an oar with high efficiency,floor space little ,advantage of having long performance life have mainly.


Pressure screen

It is mainly used for high concentration screening of pulping, bleaching and deinking of waste paper. It can also be used for low concentration screening before paper machine


Production Flow

Waste paper---Pulping---Screening---Pulp washing---Defibrination---Rescreen---Size mixing---Mixed pulp---Desander---upper wire---water absorption---Drying---Reeling---Slitting---Packing---Storage(take waste paper as example)

The flow chart just for reference

paper process line


output paper samples

toilet paper tissue paper napkin paper


Raw material

Waste paper,waste carton,wood pulp,pump pulp,virgin pulp,straw and so on

raw material

Packaging & Shipping

1.Wooden package;
2.Standard export package;
3.According to customers' requirments.



Company Information

                             Guo Rui paper making machinery co,. ltd

 This is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments.The main items as below:Toilet paper machine,Napkin paper machine,Culture paper machine, Industrial packaging paper machine, Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales, we have owned one excellent R&D department, as well as the good pre-sale service, after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system.Our products has been sold in the most of the China,as well as the foreign country, such as Vietnam, Mongolia, West Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Uzbekistan etc.Any questions about napkin paper production line, please feel free to contact us!



Our Services

1.We will provide all the details to you during the mass production.
2.Your requirements and complains are highly respected.
3.Necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request.
4.Our technician and engineers are available to go abroad for machine commissioning and teach how to operate machines.
5.We'll offer you the advanced technology and best service.


Q: if I want a quote, what should I offer?

A:1. What kind of paper do you want to produce? Large volumes?Little toilet paper roll?Napkins?Kitchen towel paper?

2. What are the raw materials?

    (1) 100% waste paper?

    (2) waste paper + virgin pulp?

    (3) wheat, grass, bamboo, wood, bagasse, reed? How many tons do you want to             produce in a day (24 hours)?_t/d.

    (4)what is the width of the large roll of paper?

    (5)what is the output paper weight (thickness)?

Q:Are you a factory?

A:Yes,we have our own production workshop

Q:How to do quality control?

A:We have quality inspection department to insure the machine quality

Q: can you design a paper mill for me?I also need to install and train worker             services.

A: yes.Please tell us the size and shape of your land or workshop, from which we        can make a detailed factory layout.To provide engineers overseas service, we          can send engineers to guide your installation and train your workers



If you have any question, please contact me.I will reply you soon. 

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