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Classification of the papermarking machine

Papermarking machine have various types of classification. in general,In the shape of the forming wire or molded forms to distinguish.With circular forming cylinder mold for forming mode ,is the cylinder machine.cylinder machine has a simple structure, easy to operation characteristics.To adapt to the scope of the paper is wide.General napkin paper、closet paper、writing paper、packaging paper,Through the adjustment of the structure of the cage can generate the corresponding paper.But limited by forming method,cylinder machine relatively low capacity.So more commonly used in, medium and low speed of the papermaking machine.With the process of improvement of papermaking equipment,the appearance of large diameter cylinder mold,greatly improve the cylinder machine speed limited disadvantages.

fourdrinier machine,Is based on to endless forming wire for the paper forming the carrier,through the headbox,Spray the slurry into annular the forming wire forming the paper.fourdrinier machine characteristics is:high speed、into paper quality good.But the investment is relatively large.

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